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Like a streaming service, but for your association!


We understand the value of services like Netflix and HelloFresh. The subscriber pays a recurring fee for access to movies, food, products, or services.

Easy by Association’s subscriptions are built on that same premise – pay a monthly fee for access to expert association services.

Just as with delivery meal plans, you can change the menu (or deliverables) each month to fit your needs, goals, and budget. It’s simple – pay one monthly fee to see tangible results. No long-term contract! No commissions! No set-up fee!

It Works:

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Step 3.

Review Your Proposal and Secure the Subscription

We will send you a custom plan within the pricing tier you have selected that will help you achieve your goals. Once your approve the initial you can sign the agreement and submit your first month's payment.

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Step 4.

Monthly Consultations

We will schedule monthly consultation meetings to discuss your goals for the following month to see where we need to pivot from the initial plan.

Step 1.

Pick Your Service

Find the service you need at the price you can afford.

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Step 2.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation

Easy by Association will meet with you virtually to discuss your association's goals and needs.

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It Works:

We focus on your association’s needs each month rather than what is outlined in a long-term contract. You will have access to experienced association, marketing, and/or HR professionals who become an extension of your team without the cost of a full-time employee.

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Membership Recruitment

& Retention

Ready: $2,000/month

Set: $4,000/month

Grow: $6,000/month

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Social Media

2 posts per week: $750/month

5 posts per week: $1,250/month

7 posts per week: $1,500/month

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Light: $2,000/month

Bright: $4,000/month

Ignite: $6,000/month

The Packages:

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Human Resources

ABCs: $2,000/month

Easy as 1-2-3: $4,000/month

You and Me: $6,000/month

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Interim Executive Director

ED Light: $5,000/month

ED Heavy: $10,000/month

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